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Introduction of Veneer Hot press machine

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Xinhuacheng Double-sided hot pressing machine is widely used in furniture board, floor, cabinet board, door board and other pressing industries. It has the advantages of fast pressing speed, high efficiency and labor saving. The standard double veneer hot press is equipped with an automatic feeding trolley, which is convenient for manual operation; it has the characteristics of longer life, easier operation, easier maintenance and more energy saving. The steel used in our press is more uniform in force after aging treatment, and the improved press frame is more reasonable, increasing the strength and fatigue life, making the frame life longer. At the same time, the main frame is CNC machined to reduce the risk of frame fracture caused by fatigue stress. The new double veneer press has better thermal insulation effect, more stable and faster hydraulic system. The new synchronous lever mechanism can ensure that the top and bottom of the hot platen of the press are strictly parallel and not easy to disengage. The daily output of the double-sided laminating machine can reach about 1200 to 1500 sheets.

The advantages of Veneer Hot Press Machine as follows:

1. Aging treatment: After we press-weld the main frame, it has undergone aging treatment, which eliminates the internal uneven stress and significantly improves the service life of the press frame.

2. Frame mechanism: The current internal stress concentration inside the press used to be directly cut and then polished, and the edge stress was concentrated and easily damaged. Now it is milled out by a CNC machining center, and the surface is very smooth. Improvements increase strength and fatigue life for longer frame life

3. Insulation pad: We replaced the epoxy resin board with a polymer internal temperature insulation board, the pressure resistance and heat resistance index are significantly improved, which prolongs the life of the insulation pad, thereby prolonging the service life of the oil cylinder.

For ordinary presses, the options are as follows:

1. Fast hydraulic system: The hydraulic system has been improved and upgraded, a high-pressure energy storage device has been added, the valve block has been redesigned, and all valves and pipes have adopted larger diameters, so that the lowering speed of the cylinder is faster and shortened. The pressing time after the press is closed is shortened, and the output of the finished board is improved. At the same time, we have changed our hydraulic oil cooling method, replacing the original water cooling with air cooling. The air cooling can be about 10°C lower than the previous oil temperature. Under the same strength, our machine is more stable and has a longer service life.

2. Asynchronous servo motor power-saving system: The use of asynchronous servo motors has two advantages, one is that it can achieve the purpose of saving about 40% of power, and the other is that the motor and pump work statically when the press is in a pressure-holding state during operation. This increases the service life of pumps and valves of the hydraulic system by about 50%.

3. Electronic automatic temperature control system: The installation of the electronic temperature control system solves the problem of manually adjusting the temperature of the upper and lower hot platens of the press. It intelligently adjusts the heating system so that the temperature of the hot platen is always automatically maintained within the temperature set by the customer. .

4. Secondary circulation system: The secondary circulation system of heat transfer oil adopts high temperature heat transfer oil pump and imported electric three-way valve or pneumatic valve with PMA imported temperature control instrument to realize that a heat transfer oil furnace can produce different temperatures without interfering with each other, and the temperature can be controlled The temperature of the upper and lower hot-pressing plates is more accurately uniform within one degree, so that the quality of the finished plate is better.

5. Automatic board ejection and board entry system: greatly saves labor costs, making board ejection and board entry safer and more efficient.

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