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Introduction of small knowledge of hot press during hot melting

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-04-10      Origin: Site

When the hot press is in operation, there must always be some tips to keep it. As in hot melting, how can the hot press ensure that the glue can be melted into the tank?

The first is to consider this point in the design of the abrasive tool, so the hot water press has added the water channel design, the flow channel design, the inlet design, the material design, and the exhaust pipe design Program. In the forming process, it is also a countermeasure.

The digital display is the temperature of the grinding tool, which is increased by 30% so that the shrinkage is prevented; reasonable curing will cause cracks more easily when the temperature is low. Other main processing parameters that are very harmful to shrink marks and shrinkage include melt temperature, injection molding processing rate, V / P conversion position, back pressure and residual glue amount, etc., and improvements have been made in the design scheme.

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