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Introduction of Multilayer Veneer Heat Press

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The multi-laminator is mainly used for high-gloss veneer of particleboard blockboard, eco-board. It can also be used for forming and veneering of door panels. The number of layers in the multi-laminator varies from 4 to 12 layers. Can also be customized according to customers. Special lamination machines can be equipped with cold in and cold out functions. The multi-laminator does not have an automatic feeding system. When using a multi-laminator to press MDF door panels, the board is generally around 3 to 5 mm, and special softening treatment is required before hot pressing. Press and paste can be formed by one press and two times, and the effect of the latter is better.

The new double veneer press has better thermal insulation effect, more stable and faster hydraulic system. The new synchronous lever mechanism can ensure that the top and bottom of the hot platen of the press are strictly parallel and not easy to disengage. The daily output of the double-sided laminating machine can reach about 1200 to 1500 sheets.

Features: The hot-pressing system heats up quickly, the heating system and the heat conduction system are light and carefully designed in sections, with low heat consumption and uniform heat conduction; the mechanism is set up reasonably, the processing precision of parts is high, the adjustment range of process parameters is wide, the control process design is reasonable, and the Meet the process requirements of various veneer production.

Uses: The veneer press series models are suitable for neutral furniture factories or small wood-based panel secondary processing (professional veneer) factories, used for thermocompression bonding furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors and in various wood-based panels: Such as plywood, blockboard, MDF, particleboard surface pressing various decorative materials: decorative paper, decorative cloth, melamine fireproof board, metal foil, artificial and natural veneer, natural veneer parquet; can not be used for single-plate drying and finishing Flattening and shaping of colored decorative wood chips.

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