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In order to prevent oil pollution, the following measures should be taken in actual work

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In the process of the operation of the filter of a general hydraulic machine, the surface of the filter element will gradually be scaled to form a blockage, resulting in a malfunction of the hydraulic system. After the filter is blocked, it will cause poor oil absorption by the pump, noise, and the system will not be able to suck in enough oil to increase the pressure. If you don't go, there will be a lot of air bubbles in the moor and the filter element may cause pressure increase due to blockage, which constitutes breakdown and other problems.  

After the filter of the hydraulic machine is blocked, it should be cleaned in time. The cleaning methods are as follows:   

(1) Cleaning with solvent   

Commonly used solvents are trichloroethylene, paint thinner, toluene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, etc. These solvents are easy to catch fire and have certain toxicity. Special care should be taken when cleaning. You can also use caustic pot, caustic bait, and other alkaline solutions, surfactants, and electrolytic degreasing and cleaning, etc., after washing, you must quickly remove the solvent.  

(2) Use mechanical and physical methods to clean   

1. Clean with a brush: Use a soft brush to remove dust from the filter element. A hard wire brush will damage the mesh and line gap filter elements, causing the sintered particles of the sintered filter element to brush off, and this method does not apply to the paper. Quality filter.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning: the ultrasonic effect removes the dust on the filter element in the cleaning solution, but the filter element is a porous substance and has the property of absorbing ultrasonic waves, which may affect the cleaning effect. 

3. Heating volatilization method: Some of the scale on the filter can be removed by heating, but it should be noted that no char and solid deposits can remain inside the filter element during heating.  

4. Blow with constricted air: Use constricted air to blow out the scale on the reverse side of the scale deposit, and the effect of using pulsating airflow is better.  

5. Cleaning with water pressure: the method is the same as above, and the effect of alternating the two methods is better.

The reasons for the hydraulic oil pollution of hydraulic presses are many and complicated, and the hydraulic oil itself is constantly producing stolen goods, so it is very difficult to completely solve the problem of hydraulic oil pollution. In order to extend the life of the hydraulic components and ensure the reliable operation of the hydraulic system, it is a more practical method to control the pollution degree of the hydraulic oil within a certain limit.

In order to prevent oil pollution, the following measures should be taken in actual work.

1. Keep the hydraulic oil clean before use. The hydraulic oil will be contaminated by the outside world during transportation and storage. The newly purchased hydraulic oil looks very clean, but it is actually very dirty. It must be cleaned for a few days before it is filtered and added to the hydraulic system.

2. Keep the hydraulic system clean after assembly and before the operation. Hydraulic components must be cleaned during processing and assembly. The hydraulic system should be thoroughly cleaned after assembly and before the operation. It should be cleaned with the oil used in the system work. The oil tank must be fully sealed except for the vent hole during cleaning. The seals must not have flash or burrs.

3. Keep the hydraulic oil clean during the work, the hydraulic oil will be polluted by the environment during the work, so try to prevent the infiltration of air and moisture, in order to completely eliminate the infiltration of water, gas, and pollutants, take a sealed oil tank, add on the vent air filter.

4. Take a suitable oil filter. This is an important means to control hydraulic oil pollution. According to the requirements of the equipment, different filtering methods, different precision, and different structure oil filters should be selected in the hydraulic system, and the oil filter and the oil tank should be regularly checked and cleaned.

5. Change hydraulic oil regularly. Before replacing the new oil, the fuel tank must be cleaned once. When the system is dirty, it can be cleaned with kerosene. After draining, such as new oil.

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