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Hydraulic oil maintenance knowledge of hydraulic press

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1. The functional requirements of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press

Thermal stability. Excellent oxidation function

Excellent smoothness

Excellent foaming

Excellent rust resistance

Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics

Excellent metal corrosion resistance

Excellent adaptability to sealing materials

2. The hydraulic oils of different brands of hydraulic presses must not be mixed

When the hydraulic oil of different brands of hydraulic presses is mixed together, the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press cannot perform its due function, and deposits will occur, which will greatly reduce the output power. If you use hydraulic oil from a hydraulic press of a different brand, you should carefully clean the oil tank and piping system, and then replace all the oil.

3. The influence of pollution impurities in the hydraulic heat press machine oil of the hydraulic press on the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press

Sticking or blocking the filter holes, making the hydraulic pump difficult to operate and causing noise;

The saving of holes and gaps of blocking components affects the accuracy of operation organization;

Speed up the aging of hydraulic oil of hydraulic press;

Accelerate the corrosion and wear of hydraulic components;

Cavitation is formed, especially when the suction pipe cannot absorb oil.

The influence of dust

Once the impurities in the oil block the suction filter, cavitation will be formed in the pump, which will accelerate the wear of the sliding part of the pump, and eventually cause damage.

In addition, the sliding parts or saving holes of various control valves are blocked by impurities, which will cause unstable operation and reduce the original function.

Water hazards

Because "oil and water" are incompatible, the two cannot be mixed together.

At certain times, water mixed into the oil will make the oil turbid.

The water in the hydraulic oil of a hydraulic press will speed up the rust and corrosion of the machine, shorten the life of the oil, and at the same time reduce the viscosity, deteriorate the oil quality, and present problems such as poor smoothness.

Dust and water filtration

Replace the hydraulic oil filter element of the hydraulic press regularly;

When refueling or changing oil, prevent dust and water from entering;

Remove the water in the fuel tank regularly, and discharge it at least once every 250 hours;

When the hydraulic oil drum of the hydraulic press is stored in an open warehouse, sleepers should be used, and the two sleepers should be level.

4. Replace the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press regularly

No matter how good the quality of the hydraulic oil is, the function of the hydraulic oil cannot be permanently unchanged. In the process of use, it may be transformed by overheating or be contaminated by foreign matter. In addition to reducing the performance of the hydraulic oil of a hydraulic press, the organic acid or sludge generated by the deterioration can also cause corrosion and rust of the hydraulic equipment, causing problems such as malfunction of the hydraulic components.

Therefore, in order to prevent the deterioration and pollution of the hydraulic oil from causing harm to the hydraulic system, hydraulic press manufacturers must follow the oil change standards to keep the function of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press within a safe range.

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