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Hydraulic Hot Press For Plywood

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The use of a continuous press makes the wood product look attractive and the press is able to exert heat and pressure over a period of a few minutes. The multiple glue strips on the panel's glue surface are laminated with glue that forms chemical bonds with wood and achieves mechanical adhesion to the surface. 

For example, a plywood board made of seven veneer panels will require an operating temperature of at least 18 degrees Celsius. The operating temperatures of laminated timber presses are variable, preferably by curing and pressing the plywood panels at the same temperature for a short period of time, usually for a few minutes. 

In a typical cycle of a hot plywood press, the temperature of the board is lowered by pressing the boards and curing. During this time, it is necessary to heat the entire panel in order to achieve the optimal curing of the glued panels. 

The present invention aims at providing a preheating system to ensure a temporary increase in the temperature of the pressing plate, which provides the possibility of speeding up the curing of the plywood sheets on which it is based. This immediate invention ensures that the heat distribution through the wooden panels is sufficient to prevent the panel surfaces and panels from overheating. 

Temperature and heat flow after the plate can be reduced, which ultimately sends a signal for additional heat flows. There is no equipment to control this temperature according to the latest state of the art, such as heat exchangers, heat pumps, or other temperature-controlling devices. 

These presses include a hydraulically driven ram [12], which vigorously lifts the board and the plywood panels on it to a contact that compresses the thermal pressure exerted on the top and bottom surfaces of the wooden panels. Plates [11] of such presses are supported by a row of two or more wooden plates on the top of the pressing plate [13]. The press is opened at a position that shows that the plates have been removed from their plates and a new plate has been placed on them. 

Loading and unloading of the press are typically achieved by using a hydraulic plunger [14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19]. In summary, veneer presses are used in a wide range of industrial applications and are a non-critical machine with long service life and can always rely on high-quality plywood production. 

The two plants will be a rolling ring line for customers wishing to expand their product range to include nickel-based alloy and titanium parts and forming metals. 

The company also operates a closed - manufactured - ring rolling mill, which supplies raw materials for the ring rolling mills, among other things.  As a hydraulic press with a load capacity of 7800 tons, the machine is subject to advance sales, the other to advance sales to third parties. 

 is the world market leader in the wood-based and metal forming industry. The specialized press manufacturers offer a wide range of industrial presses used in a wide range of industries such as steel, wood, glass, metal, steel and steel processing, and are often found at numerous industrial auctions. 

This equipment secures customers worldwide competitive advantages We offer comprehensive services, including supply and installation, as well as technical support for the production of high-quality equipment. 

As a manufacturer and supplier of the ContiRollA (r) press, we are able to adapt the extraction system of this press. 

The capacity is normally designed for 500 - 800 tons, but can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The stroke size and pressure distance of the plate can also be adjusted, so contact us for more details. LCM is able to produce a wide range of materials such as plywood, polyethylene, wood, plastic, steel, and other materials. 

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