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How to use a gas boiler for maintenance?

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1. After the gas boiler has been in operation for a period of time, boiler equipment, safety accessories and auxiliary machines may wear, leak, corrode or burn out due to long-term continuous working conditions under steam, water, flame, smoke and high temperature and high pressure. Damage for other reasons.

2. If the gas boiler is not maintained in time (including repair and replacement), the safe and economic operation of the boiler cannot be guaranteed. In order to make the boiler provide the steam required for production safely, economically and continuously during operation, the boiler must be maintained during operation. jobs.

Third, according to the actual situation, regular maintenance of the boiler on a regular basis, to restore and maintain the original technical performance, extend the service life, is a very important link to ensure safe, reliable and economic operation of the boiler.

4. When the boiler is in operation, the duty personnel should carefully implement the various systems related to the safe operation of the boiler, do a good job of maintenance records, strictly abide by labor discipline, and must not leave the post without permission, and must not do anything unrelated to the post.

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