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How to understand the control system of double-cylinder four-column hydraulic press

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Nowadays, for a new type of parallel bar four-column hydraulic machine, it can perform synchronous variable speed control of two cylinders of a four-column hydraulic machine. It is designed to meet the functional requirements of synchronous control of the hydraulic system, and two-cylinder four-column hydraulic machine to meet the stability and robustness of the system requirements, to implement the method of synchronous control planning, and now uses a dual-cylinder synchronous hydraulic system for modeling, to understand the dynamic effects of traditional hydraulic cylinder motion control.

At present, the displacement and speed of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder in the hydraulic system are obtained. The simulation results show that the PID controller with fractional order has a strong anti-interference ability and good robustness. The displacement synchronous control design of the cylinder four-column hydraulic press has the good working performance. The design principle of the four-column hydraulic press hydraulic system is understood in detail, and its main features and characteristics are summarized.

Because the press uses a valve, which accommodates many advantages such as multi-stage high-pressure adjustment and reliable operation, the hydraulic press used for conversion, its strain method, and the improvement plan of the hydraulic press provide a reference for further improvement of performance. The four-column hydraulic press is widely used for pressing In the process of plastic because the metal is formed by extrusion, sheet stretching and cross pressure, bending, correction and other processes, the common hydraulic system failures are some relatively precise components, so this is very important and to ensure the normal use of four columns The maintenance method of the hydraulic press now understands the problems of the sealing structure of the inner cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press and gives the boundary and critical conditions to improve the performance and working stability of the hydraulic press.

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