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How to maintain the hydraulic machine?

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 The hydraulic machine is a hydraulic component and a hydraulic cylinder as a working mechanism, and the control system drives the plate to perform a reciprocating action to achieve a work target. The number of strokes per minute and the movement of the moving plate can be adjusted.

The hydraulic press is suitable for cutting, stamping, blanking, punching and cutting, forming, bending and stretching of hardware, electronics, rubber, plastics and other products.

How to maintain the hydraulic machine?

Tools/raw materials

First look at the hydraulic machine work also pay attention to some things: 1 When the hydraulic machine is working, the required pressure (including the retreating material) is less than the maximum nominal force of the hydraulic machine, so as not to damage the machine.

2 The hydraulic press adopts the overall stress-relieving and welded open structure, which can maintain the high strength and rigidity of the fuselage, and also has convenient operation space.

Method / step

If you operate the hydraulic machine in general, how to maintain it safely? You can pay attention to the following items:

 1 Use the machine If you have instructions, it is best to read the manual first and then proceed.

How to maintain the hydraulic machine?

2 To ensure the operator's personal safety, please use the two-hand operation function.

3 When the machine is working, it is forbidden to put the hand or body part into the working area of the moving plate. If there is no need to put the workpiece as much as possible, and the workpiece is taken in the tool, the standard hand tool must be used.

How to maintain the hydraulic machine?

4 The machine has good safety performance and there is no accident in normal operation. However, if the electrical components are aged or damaged, it may cause the machine to travel continuously during a single working stroke. Therefore, when any part of the operator's body enters the working area of the moving plate, all moving parts of the machine must be confirmed to avoid accidental disability.

5 Anti-wear hydraulic oil used in this machine (viscosity #32 for cold zone, viscosity #68 for tropical use). It must be added to the oil standard 3/4 (50L) or more. The hydraulic oil replacement needs to be changed according to your company's production time. It needs to be replaced once a year if it is not in operation. If the operation time is short, it can be replaced once a year and a half. When replacing hydraulic oil, the fuel tank and filter should be cleaned.

How to maintain the hydraulic machine?

6 The factory shall establish safety operation rules for the workshop according to the standard and the specific conditions of the enterprise. Workers must strictly abide by the safe operating rules of the factory system. Work should be trained before the new machine is operated.

7 Care should be taken to check that the work station is properly arranged before work. There are no foreign objects in the work area, the condition of machine tools and implements, etc. Work or start the machine after confirming that it is correct.

How to maintain the hydraulic machine?

8 Before the work, the machine should be idling for 1-3 minutes. It is forbidden to operate when the machine is faulty. The operator should always pay attention to the working condition of the machine. If abnormal sound or vibration is found, it must be stopped to find a repairman to check the repair.

9 When the tool is installed and adjusted, the machine is repaired, and the machine needs to be shut down to eliminate various faults, a warning sign must be placed next to the machine start switch. The tone font of the warning sign must be eye-catching. Have someone monitor the switch if necessary.

10 The machine tool must be inspected regularly by special inspectors. It is not allowed to perform maintenance or cleaning work when the machine is started. When the safety and defense device is removed, it is strictly forbidden to start the machine.

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