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How to maintain the glue machine?

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1) The glue machine should be checked every day before use, and foreign bodies should be cleaned up in time to check whether the equipment is lubricated properly and whether the moving parts are flexible.

2) After the test run is normal, the glue is injected into the rubber trough, and the clearance between the glue rollers and the glue rollers is adjusted reasonably according to the thickness of veneer and the viscosity of the glue.

3) During gluing process, attention should be paid to cleaning veneer surface to prevent sharp debris from scratching the rubber layer coated on the surface of the roll; the surface groove wear of the rubber layer caused by long-term use should be repaired in time.

4) In order to prevent gel solidification after long shutdown and daily work, the glue coating machine should be thoroughly cleaned, the rollers, extruders and rubber grooves should be cleaned, and the glue sprayed everywhere on the fuselage should also be completely removed. After cleaning, pay attention to dry the water stains to prevent rust.

5) During the shutdown period of the glue coating machine, it should be restored to the factory state; adjust the top roller and extrusion roller back to the initial position, rotate the adjusting nut of the glue coating roller and the adjusting sleeve of the extrusion roller, so that the pressure regulating spring of the glue coating roller and the top-tightening spring of the glue extrusion roller can be relaxed completely, and lubricate the parts and maintain the equipment adequately.

Veneer gluing is an important process in plywood production. The quality of gluing not only affects the bonding strength of veneers and the physical and mechanical properties of plywood, but also affects the production cost of plywood. Therefore, mastering the structure and working principle of veneer gluing machine and its adjustment related to the quality of gluing is conducive to the correct and rational use of veneer gluing machine.

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