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how to maintain and use the loading system?

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Feeding specification

1:Physical construction

(1)frame-type base, with two parallel rigid structures, supporting the entire automatic feed rack. The bottom hole is drilled by the foot screw hole and the whole base is fixed to the ground.

(2)Main frame. Using a detachable structure, the top and bottom are rigid rectangular frames, which are connected by four parallel columns. The vertical column and the upper and lower frame are connected by thread. The lower end of the main frame is provided with four supporting wheels, which can be pushed out of the whole board frame when the maintenance test is mounted or the stainless steel plate of the hot press is replaced, and the maintenance space is given out.

(3)Moving rack. Adopt the gantry-type, the both ends of the drive shaft fixed transmission gear which makes the power transmission to both sides of the synchronous rotary shaft.

(4) Feeding rack. The plate rack is used for conveying the slab into the hot plate of the press. The front end is fixed to the walking frame by the t-screw, and the rear end is supported by the nylon support wheel on the main frame.

(5) Baffle rack. Install the front end of the main frame, and rely on the forward power of the feeder rack to lift the baffle frame forward, and then drop it back to the baffle position with its own gravity.


2.Mechanical principle.

 Synchronous frame upper drive shaft rotation by two pairs of gear mesh on both sides to transfer power to synchronous shaft, synchronous shaft through the gear and rack on both ends up and down on either side of the mesh, the axis of rotary motion into the synchronous linear motion. The plate frame is connected with the gantry type synchronous frame through the t-type screw in the front end, and the feed plate rack that has already been spread out by the synchronous frame is put into the hot plate of the press. At the same time, the push plate device on the front end of the feed rack will push the finished slab from the hot plate to the drying rack. After the position is in place, the driving shaft reversals will drive the whole delivery rack back, and the baffle frame will block the feeding plate rack to fit the inner recess, leaving the slab in the hot plate of the press.

3 Mechanical specification

(1)Please read below information before use

The equipment operator must read the manual carefully, be familiar with the equipment performance, and be proficient in the operation skills before being able to work independently.

a.Once the equipment does open, all the working parts can be started without warning, and children and irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited to contact or approach.

b.Before the equipment is used, the integrity of each component must be checked and then check whether the cables are in good condition or not.

(2) Using steps

a.When the hot pressing machine is in place, adjust the height of the feeding rack. Loosen the fastening screw of the before and after buckle, adjust the screw and adjust the each layers of feeding, so that the supporting wheel bottom of feeding is at the same level with the hot plates.

b. Check whether the each baffles stand back to their original position.

c.Electric cabinet is set to manual operation and run without boards. To adjust the switch position of front limit and back limit .To make sure that the moving rack moving continuously is get to the limit within 20 ㎜.

d.When the machine is in place, press the start button, and the 25-layer boards are put into the hot pressing. At the same time, the finished-boards would be pushed out to the discharging rack and the back is reset.

e.After feeding board is finished, please enter the next cycle.

4.Mechanical maintenance

(1)Regular cleaning of debris on the main frame, ensuring to move  smoothly and synchronously and reduce the resistance of  wheels.

 (2)In the process of replacing the stainless steel plate or maintenance inspection of the hot plate, the sundries in the guide rail of the frame shall be clear in advance, so as to ensure the main frame support wheel running well.

(3)Apply the lubricating oil to the pairs of main driving bevel gear meshing and the driven shaft gear meshing regularly.

 (4) Check the chain tightness of the transmission motor sprocket and the driving shaft sprocket regularly, and adjust the motor mounting seat when it is too loose, until the chain is properly tightened.

(5)Check the feeding rack of front guide wheel and the support pulley, and replace the nylon wheel with serious or deformed wear in time.

(6)Pay attention to whether there is leakage in the hydraulic motor oil pipe during the use process, and if there is a serious leakage, timely feedback and deal with to the relevant professional.

  1. 4. Common failures and exclusions.

Press the push forward/back button, and check if the electric control box is outputting or not. If the hydraulic motor does not work, please check the pumping station system pressure.

(2)Press the push button forward/back button, there is no output on the electric control box, please check whether the hot press is down to the lower limit or not.

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