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How to improve the life of woodworking cold press bearings?

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Bearing is an important component in the complete set of woodworking machinery for contemporary carpenter sanders. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its reversing accuracy. With our growing demand for bearings, premature damage to bearings, short lifespan, etc., trouble every mechanical enthusiast.

What causes premature damage to the woodworking cold press bearings? How to improve bearing life? The more efficient analysis for you is as follows:

Under the action of relative load, the number of revolutions or hours experienced by the bearing before pitting occurs is called the bearing life. Bearings within this lifetime should begin to wear out on any of its bearing rings or rolling elements. However, in our daily practical application, we can obviously observe that under the same working conditions, the appearance of the common bearing, the actual life number is very different. What causes this?

1. Improper installation (about 16%)

(1). When the device is too strong, hitting the bearing with a hammer on the top will damage the bearing; it is also the main cause of deformation.

(2). The device has errors or is not installed in the bearing position, resulting in too small bearing clearance. The inner and outer rings are not at the same center of rotation, forming different concentricity.

Proposition: Select appropriate or professional bearing installation tools and the end of the installation should be tested with special equipment.

2. Pollution (about 14%)

Contamination can also cause premature bearing damage. Pollution means that sand, metal debris, etc. enter the bearing. The main reasons include: opening the bearing package prematurely before use, causing pollution; the working environment when the device is unclean, causing pollution; the working environment of the bearing is not clean, and the working medium is polluted.

Proposals: Do not disassemble the bearing packaging before use; adhere to the cleanness of the device environment when cleaning, and clean the bearings to be used; strengthen the sealing device of the bearing.

3. Poor smoothness (about 50%)

According to investigations, poor smoothness is one of the main causes of premature bearing damage. It contains no timely addition of smoothing agent or smoothing oil; smoothing agent or smoothing oil is not filled in place; incorrect selection of smoothing agent or smoothing oil; incorrect method of smoothing and so on.

Proposition: Choose the right smoothing agent or smooth oil, and use the correct smooth filling method.

4. Fatigue (about 34%)

Fatigue damage is a common method of bearing damage. The common causes of fatigue and damage may be overloading of the bearing for a long time; failure to repair in time; improper repair; aging of the special-shaped sander. Proposal: Select the appropriate bearing type and replace the tired bearings in a timely manner.

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