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How to do the cleaning and maintenance work of the hydraulic cold press in winter

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As we all know, the cleaning and maintenance operations of hydraulic cold presses are important links in the process of hydraulic press operation, all of which are to make hydraulic cold press equipment in an outstanding operating environment and operating situation. So, what kind of cleaning is a useful cleaning process? What should we pay attention to during the cleaning process? In the cold winter, the hot press manufacturers teach you how to maintain the hydraulic cold press equipment?

Cleaning of the hydraulic cold press:

1. The oil should be selected correctly when cleaning:

In some factories, some operators often use kerosene, gasoline, or alcohol to clean and clean the hydraulic press when cleaning the hydraulic cold press. In fact, this is detrimental to equipment parts, seals, pipes For the life of the road, the better cleaning medium should be the test fluid or the oil when working.

2. Use small tips to improve the cleaning power:

In the process of cleaning the hydraulic cold press, you can use hydraulic pump operations, cleaning medium heating, non-metallic hammer knocking and other tips to speed up the consolidation of impurities, rubber slag, and other impurities in the pipeline of hydraulic press equipment. When returning to the oil circuit, use different mesh filters to sort out impurities.

3. Grasp the cleaning time:

In general, the cleaning time of the hydraulic cold press is 2-4 hours, the structure of different hydraulic systems is different, the pollution situation is different, and the accuracy of cleaning is also different. This requires that the personnel who perform the equipment cleaning operation should be based on their own equipment. Arrangement of cleaning time.

Maintenance of hydraulic cold press:

In winter, the cold weather simply causes the moisture in the air to condense and mix into the side of the oil tank. In order to avoid the occurrence of such situations, the oil tank of the hydraulic machine equipment must be tightly capped and the tank cover is well planned. Do not use iron bucket lids, it is better to use stainless steel bucket lids because the iron bucket lids will oxidize and enter the oil drums, which will cause oil pollution.

The maintenance needs of the engine and other mechanical systems are carried out from several points of view: antifreeze, heat preservation, heating, and replacement of operating oil. In addition, the maintenance and maintenance operations of these systems in winter are more frequent than in other seasons. Winter inspections, maintenance skills decrease the probability of winter equipment problems.

Here we need to remind the operating unit of the hydraulic press. It is better to use low-viscosity working oil when replacing working oil in winter because the high-viscosity working oil is briefly viscous in winter and is not easy to move.

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