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How to choose the seal ring of the hot press

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For a machine, its accessories are very important. Although these accessories only serve some auxiliary functions, if they are not available, it will definitely affect the normal use of the machine or the working efficiency of the machine. Today we will talk about the sealing ring in the hot press for you. The volume of this sealing ring is very small, but its role is very large, we can not ignore its existence, so for the selection of high-quality The seal ring is also very important. Below we will tell you three ways to choose a seal ring.

First of all, the material used for the seal ring is generally not bonded to the metal, because the parts of the hot press will occasionally collide, but if the two are easily bonded together, it is likely to cause the machine to stop working. The situation, so we can choose according to this feature when selecting the seal ring.

Secondly, the sealing ring is located at the fuel tank. This requires the sealing ring to have good oil resistance. In order to make it have a good oil volatility effect, we must try to choose a material with good oil resistance when choosing, because only Hot presses work well without reacting with the oil.

Finally, when we choose the sealing ring, we must choose a sealing ring with heat resistance, because, during the working of the hot press, some kinetic energy will be converted into thermal energy. At this time, if the sealing ring lacks heat resistance, he will be affected by Effect, leading to premature destruction. Therefore, when we choose the sealing ring, we can choose according to the characteristics of the hot press.

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