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How to choose plywood

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Plywood is currently the most commonly used wood for handmade furniture. It can be used as a medium and low-grade decorative panel, and it needs to be covered with paint. Plywood, also known as fine-core board, is a three-layer or multi-layer board-like material made of wood segments that are cut into veneers or sliced into veneers, and then bonded with adhesives. The fiber directions of adjacent layers of veneers are glued perpendicular to each other.

1. The first thing to investigate is the material of plywood. The prices of different tree species are different. We can choose the appropriate variety according to the decoration budget when decorating. Any kind of decorative material is oversupplied in the current market, and many low-priced meranti core plywood occupies the corner of the material market. The boards are basically the same, but the quality is very different. The quality and density of the eucalyptus core board are higher than that of the poplar core, so everyone must choose carefully when purchasing.

2. Observe whether there are cracks, worm holes, blisters, stains and other defects on the surface of the plywood. Some plywoods are pasted together with two veneers of different textures, so you should check whether the seams of the plywood are tight when purchasing. , there is no uneven phenomenon. Furniture made from cracked plywood is not good looking.

3. Since some plywood is pasted, it is necessary to observe whether its color is consistent, whether the texture is consistent, and whether the color of the wood is coordinated with the color of the furniture paint. The color of the plywood to be purchased should be consistent with the overall effect of the decoration. coordination.

4. Then check whether the workmanship of the plywood is fine. Since plywood is made of two veneers pasted together, there must be front and back sides. The surface layer of the plywood should have a clear wood grain, the front side should be smooth and smooth, and the back side should not have a rough and thorny feeling, and it is best not to have nodes. If the plywood is degummed, it will not only affect the construction, but also cause pollution. Therefore, when selecting, you can gently tap the plate with your hands. If it makes a crisp sound, it means that the plate is well adhered. .

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