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How to choose ecological board hot press?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-19      Origin: Site

There are many types of hot press, different furniture and wood will choose different equipment, such as veneer hot press, ecological board hot press, copper-clad plate hot press, etc. when selecting hot press, it is necessary to master certain methods to select a satisfactory and appropriate hot press. Let's see how to choose.

1. Heating system: a good mechanical system is very critical, which will directly affect the production efficiency of the plate. This heating system needs to avoid the way of steam heating. This kind of device consumes electricity and is not suitable for trial use.

2. Performance of the ecological board hot press: when choosing the ecological board hot press, we need to consider the use of the pressing plate material, in addition, we need to consider the precision process of processing, and there is also the safety performance in the process, and we need to give a reminder when there are problems in the process.

3. The connection and sealing performance of the equipment are also the direction we can refer to when choosing the hot press. Only good connection performance can play the best effect when working.

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