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How to choose Automatic Plywood Edge Trimming Saw

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-10      Origin: Site

The automatic sawing machine is suitable for solid wood multi-layer boards, woodworking boards, building wood formwork, decorative panels, shipping container bottom plates, etc. 

Its advantages are as follows:

1. Save human resources, easy to understand and practical, small size, light weight and low energy consumption.

2. Replacing wiring logic with storage logic reduces the external wiring of the control system, and at the same time, maintenance becomes easier and easier.

3. Fully automatic lifting platform.

4. Electricity is the life of mechanical equipment. The application of electrostatic spraying to clean the electrical control cabinet and the selection of fiber laser cutting technology greatly improves the service life of electrical appliances, ensures the stability of machinery and equipment, and reduces the failure rate of electrical equipment.

This product is suitable for "plywood, high density board, Malacca, plywood, woodworking board, solid wood multi-layer board, fireproof board, melamine base material, building wood formwork, plastic building formwork, bamboo cross board, fireproof board, packaging board" and other boards. saw edge

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