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How should the hydraulic cold pressing machine carry out the fueling work correctly?

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The hydraulic cold press plays a role that cannot be ignored in dry compressed air. For now, the cold press mainly has a screw type and hydraulic type. During the use of the cold press, the user will be used by the hydraulic cold press. How to properly carry out the refueling operation is plagued, so if the user wants to unlock the temptation, reduce the failure rate of the cold press, and extend the service life of the cold press, he should correctly refuel the hydraulic cold press according to the following.

Place the hydraulic cold-pressed motorized arm parallel to the direction of the crawler, and stop after turning to the left 45 ° to make the bucket cylinder piston rod extend, the arm cylinder piston rod retracts, and slowly drop the boom to make the bucket Put it on the ground, then turn off the engine, open the fuel tank vent valve, pull the operating handle back and forth, step on the pedal several times to release the residual pressure of the system composed of its own weight.

Use gasoline to clean all pipe joints, pump and motor joints, oil drain plugs, fuel filler caps at the top of the tank, and the bottom oil drain plugs and their surroundings. Open the oil valve and the oil drain plug at the bottom of the oil tank, so that the old oil flows into the oil drum containing waste oil.

Open the oil filler cap of the hydraulic cold press oil tank, take out the oil filter element, and check whether the residual oil in the bottom, edges, and corners of the oil tank contain metal powder or other impurities. To clean the fuel tank, first, clean it twice with diesel fuel, then dry the inside of the fuel tank with compressed air. Check whether there are residual sludge, impurities, etc. at the inner corners, until the cleaning is stopped, and then wash it with new oil at the end.

Disassemble the oil pipes. Remove the filter elements of all filters in the system. When replacing the filter element, carefully check the filter element for metal powder or other impurities, so as to understand the wear status of the parts in the system. Discharge the old oil in the main hydraulic pump, reverse the motor, and travel motor cavity, and fill with new oil.

Before operating the cold press machine tool, it is necessary to read its operation manual to understand its performance and correct operation method. The machine tool must be connected to a solid grounding device before being connected to the power source. The power cord of the woodworking cold press machine tool needs to be connected to the power supply with the maintenance switch, and check whether the voltage and frequency of the power supply are appropriate. Before operating the cold press machine tool, you must first recognize whether the motor's working direction is correct, otherwise, you must change the wiring orientation of the power phase.

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