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how is the process of laminating hot press?

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Description for the technical flow process

1. Process flow

1.1 Forming process

The sanded of man-made board is conveyed to near conveyor which already packed the board by forklift. The Melamine impregnated paper is placed on the shelf near the conveyor. The movable stand is back to the front of the conveyor. The operating workers take the one melamine impregnated paper to put in the belt of the conveyor, and then take the one sanded of man-made board to put above the paper, and last take the other melamine impregnated paper to put above the man-made board. All of above, it is finished forming process.

1.2 Delivery

When the hot press is already finished pressing process, and then opened. The finished board is sucked from the vacuum sucker and transported to the discharging conveyor. In this time, the movable stand is getting into the hot press and putting the man-made board on it and then back quickly. It is second time to form when the movable stand return.

1.3 Hot pressing

When the upper hot plate is closed, according to the requirements of the process, it has finished the adding pressure, holding pressure.

1.4 Discharging

The press has completed the pressing process and then opened. The finished -plate is sucked from the vacuum sucker to the discharging rack.

1.5 Scraping edge

The scraper removes paper edges from the surface of the finished board.

1.6 Cooling

The finished board is cooled.

1.7 Palletizing

To use the vacuum suckers to grab and palletize the finished product plates that have been positioned. After palletizing, forklifts are used to transport the whole pile of finished product to the warehouse.

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