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Hot-Pressing Machine FAQ

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-17      Origin: Site

1. What are the reasons for the foaming of veneer veneer?

A: The main reasons for the wood veneer and plate veneer foaming are:

Reason one: The material surface smoothness is not good, or is the glue proportion is not suitable.

Reason two: Hot press temperature is not enough, or hot pressing time is not enough.

Reason three: After the glue, put the time too long, not in time for hot pressing operation.

2. What is a 2.250T hot press?

A: 250T Hot Press, it refers to the hot press in the hydraulic system the maximum clamping force of 250 tons.

3. Hot pressing machine on both sides of the temperature is inconsistent, the reason is what? 

A: Hot press on both sides of the temperature is inconsistent, the main reason there are two, one is the temperature control system problems, the second is the lead oil pipeline congestion, then need to dredge cleaning up.

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