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Hot press common sense

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In this aspect of the hot press, we will continue to explain some of its related content today, mainly because it has not been introduced before, so that everyone can know more about the common knowledge of the hot press through this article.

Because the following content is relatively sporadic, I won't summarize it here. I will understand it after reading it.

The heating method of the hot press is mainly related to temperature selection, technical control and quality of processed products. Traditional heating methods usually use steam heating and electric heating. The former simply presents problems such as uneven surface temperature, while the latter has high power consumption and high operating cost. Later, there was a method of heating the heat transfer oil. This heating method has a high heat capacity, a uniform temperature, and a small heat loss, so that the production cost can be lowered and the satisfactory hot pressing action can be achieved.

The hot platen in the hot press is also an important part. For its function, we can evaluate it from several aspects, the application of the platen data, the machining accuracy, and the placement of the media holes in the hot plate.

The connection and sealing of the hot press should be selected as appropriate. In the meantime, the seal material is traditionally made of asbestos rubber sheet, in addition to some new materials, such as PTFE, surrounding graphite, etc., because their sealing effect is good.

The handling system of the hot press is mainly to control the heating system and the hydraulic system, so it is related to sensitivity and accuracy. However, the composition of the control part is relatively complicated, so it is also simple to present the problem. If the function of the hot press is complicated, then the use of the control components should be reduced as much as possible, such as solenoid valves.

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