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Glue Spreader Machines - Versatility in Glue Advertisement and Saving Money

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A good brand of plywood glue spreading tools is a necessity in the industry. Without it, your woodworking projects will suffer. There are three types of them in the market today. They are the Flat Bed Spreader, the Canoe, and the Trim and Girth spreaders. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Flat Bed Spreader: This type of plywood glue spreading machine is designed to evenly spread the glue onto the wooden boards. It uses a single cylindrical tube to transport the product from the canister to the board. It is easy to use, lightweight and simple to clean. The disadvantage of using this type of spreader machine is that it only provides an even coat.

Canoe and Trim and Girth Spreader: This type of Plywood Glue Spreader uses two cylindrical tubes with a hinge. It contains two rollers and they move in an opposite direction so that the glue is evenly distributed on the plywood. The two rollers propel the two cylindrical tubes at the same speed thereby allowing them to firmly grip the boards. The two rollers can rotate 180 degrees. The greatest advantage of using this type of machine is that it allows the user to create a uniform and consistent layer of glue.

9 Ft Veneer Glue Spreader: This is the biggest among the three types of plywood gluing machines. It has an open frame where the two rollers move in an opposite direction thus creating a smooth even coat of glue. The drawback of using this type of glue spreading device is that it can only cover small areas of plywood. It is a bit expensive as compared to the other types of glues.

Slip-On Slipcovers: Another inexpensive gluing machine, which is considered as an economical alternative to the other types of glue spreading devices is the slip-on slipcovers. These are made up of durable and heavy-duty plastic. They are designed in such a way that they cover the entire surface without leaving any spaces or holes. There are also models that come equipped with interlocking "Flip-flops" or removable cushioning blocks. It is very easy to use as it has a manual button for sliding it onto the surface. The major disadvantage of using this type of slipcovers is that you have to frequently replace the plastic parts because the glue hardly seeps into the surface.

Portable and Inexpensive Stain and Finishing Straw: Next, we have portable stain and finishing straws that are easy to carry and transport. It can be used to apply paint on your car without the hassle of messy spray guns. These stools are similar to the portable stain spreading stools except that it does not require the usage of guns. This type of glue spreading machine is very popular among home users. However, the most common disadvantage of using this type of stool is that you cannot finish the stained wood evenly as it easily leaves some portions uneven. Thus, it is recommended that you should be using the stools with a staining compound for perfect finishing.

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