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Gas boiler cleaning

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After a long period of operation, the boiler will inevitably have scale and rust problems. The main reason for the scale formation of the boiler is that it has hardness components in the water. After continuous evaporation and concentration of high temperature and high pressure, a series of physical and chemical reactions take place in the furnace. The reaction finally forms a hard and dense scale on the heated surface, which leads to a decrease in heat exchange effect and a decrease in the heat absorption of the boiler water-cooled fireplace due to corrosion factors under the scale. The boiler furnace outlet temperature increases and the boiler loss increases. At the same time, the heat transfer effect is reduced after scaling in the water wall, which may cause the water wall wall temperature to increase, causing the water wall to burst, which affects the safe operation of the boiler. Scale is the "best of all" of the boiler, which is the main cause of boiler accidents. Its hazard is mainly caused by the waste of a large amount of fuel. Because the thermal conductivity of scale is only a few tenths of that of steel, when the heating surface is fouled, the heat transfer will be hindered. In order to maintain a certain output of the boiler, the temperature on the fire side must be increased, so that the radiation and exhaust are radiated outward. Cause heat loss. It is now possible to clean the gas boiler with a highly efficient and environmentally friendly non-corrosive cleaning agent, so that the equipment tube exposes the primary color of the metal, reducing the influence of fouling and biological algae sludge. At the same time, it has the effect of stripping iron oxide and iron oxide, which can prolong the service life of gas boilers, reduce energy consumption and increase productivity.

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