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For the design and practical application of the four-column hydraulic press beam structure

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Now that we understand the structural design method of the four-column hydraulic press, according to the different conditions of the load, the finite element software is used to statically understand the three beams, and the corresponding voltage-strain distribution law is obtained. In order to save materials, reduce weight, and improve stress distribution, we have proposed Improvement schemes, modal understanding of the main structure, and additional understanding and verification of rational design rationality. Currently, most design hydraulic machines use material mechanics.

Then choose the safety factor to verify the stress method of the four-column hydraulic press, which relies too much on the designer's experience. The limit state design method for reliability theory and mathematical-statistical probability theory, and understand the limit state of several structures, from empirical design to quantitative understanding, This is an important attempt of the metal structure design method. Now the principle of the limit state design method and its actual design on cranes, building structures, and ships are studied. With reference to the relevant design standards in the world, a practical structural design method four-post Hydraulic machine, for the design theory of boundary state, understand the structural design of the main components of the hydraulic machine.

Therefore, the finite element of the main structural component understands the hydraulic machine, understands it as the result of the calculation, and optimizes the model of the structure of the upper beam and the lower beam. The design of the limit state design method is still relatively few and requires a lot of basic work. The four-column hydraulic machine has many advantages, but the four-column hydraulic machine of the hydraulic system is more prone to failure. How to maximize performance and increase productivity has become the primary task of equipment engineering and technical personnel.

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