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Fault analysis of press and pulse Hot Press

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-17      Origin: Site

1. Press the air slowly, the reason is what?

A: Press on the gas slow, the reason for several, for the filter is too dirty or blocked, there is too much water in the machine caused.

2. Pulse Hot Press, the cause of the thermocouple disconnection is what?

A: Pulse hot Press, the reason for the disconnection of Thermocouples are:

Reason one: The position of the temperature line is not put correctly, or in the process of under the pressure of pull wear, then should adjust the position of the warm line, and avoid the pressure when the wear. 

Reason two: thermocouple welding quality problems, welding unqualified, at this time should be again welding, so that the quality of qualified.

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