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Energy saving measures for natural gas steam boilers

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1.According to the quantity of steam required for industrial production, the rated power of the natural gas steam boiler and the number of boilers are reasonably selected. The higher the matching degree between the two cases and the actual use, the smaller the smoke loss, and the more obvious the energy saving.

2.The fuel is in full contact with the air: let the right amount of fuel and the right amount of air form an optimal ratio for combustion, which can improve the combustion efficiency of the fuel, reduce the emission of polluting gases, and achieve the goal of double energy conservation.

3.Reduce the exhaust gas temperature of the natural gas steam boiler: reduce the exhaust temperature of the boiler and effectively use the waste heat generated in the exhaust gas. The efficiency of the common boiler is 85-88%, and the exhaust gas temperature is 220-230 °C. If the exhaust gas is used to reduce the exhaust gas temperature to 140-150 ° C, the efficiency of the boiler can be increased to 90-93%.

4.Recycling the heat of boiler sewage: By using heat exchange to continuously use the heat in the sewage, the water supply temperature of the itch water is increased to achieve the purpose of energy saving of the natural gas steam boiler.

At the same time, the energy-saving measures of natural gas steam boilers can also reasonably recover the condensed water in the heating system and recycle the heat of these condensed water.

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