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Double veneer hot press model and output relationship and small workpiece processing instructions

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Double veneer hot pressing machine, this is a specific type of hot pressing machine, and this is also a common type of hot pressing machine, it will often be used. Use the purpose, rather than wasting the product in vain, and let yourself lose a big.

1. Do different types of double veneer hot presses have different outputs?

From a professional point of view, the answer to this question is yes, that is, different types of double veneer hot presses correspond to different outputs, but there can be an approximate range, generally speaking, it is in the range of 1000 to 5000 sheets Inside. In addition, there are differences between manual operation and automatic operation in the form of operation, but it is recommended to choose an automatic operation because this can trek equipment operation efficiency and reduce labor costs.

2. Why does the expansion of wood-based panel work affect the hot press? What about double veneer hot presses?

Hotpress, is important equipment for the manufacture of wood-based panels, and its production capacity will affect the output of the product and even a factor of choice. In addition, the technical level of the hot press will affect the product quality of the wood-based panel. Therefore, based on these two points, the above conclusions will be reached. The double veneer hot press, which is a specific type of hot press, the same conclusion applies.

3. Are there any relevant factors for the price of the chipboard veneer hot press?

The particleboard veneer hot press is a veneer hot press used for processing and manufacturing particleboard. It can be a single veneer or double veneer, which is determined by the particleboard veneer requirements and production process. In terms of the price of the equipment, there are relevant elements, specifically, whether it is a single veneer hot press or a double veneer hot press, as well as equipment manufacturers and equipment. Moreover, the price of the corresponding products of the single veneer hot press and the double veneer hot press is different.

4. Are there any precautions for using small veneer hot presses for small parts?

Small workpieces are processed with double veneer hot presses. There are some precautions. One is to correctly regulate the operation and use, to prevent improper or erroneous operations, and to prevent over-use and over-range use; second, to control the heat. Pressing time, to prevent the lower surface of the workpiece from touching the high-temperature pressing plate for a long time, otherwise, it will affect the hot pressing effect and the gluing of the plate.

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