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Do you know the importance of cushions for woodworking cold presses?

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The compaction effect of the carpenter cold press is very good. Generally speaking, it is widely used as common equipment for production and processing work in furniture factories, door sets, and other factories. It is mainly used to flatten furniture panels and wooden doors. Stereotypes. In the process of using the carpenter cold press, in order to maintain it and extend its service life, we will put a cushion under the cold press. We know the importance of the machine cushion to the equipment of the carpenter cold press. ?

The use of the cushion of the carpenter's cold press directly affects the service life of the carpenter's cold press. Usually, the movement of the carpenter's cold press is required to check the operation of the cushion to ensure the useful effect of the cushion.

In the use of carpenter cold presses, cushions are generally required in the process of making strong pressed floors, particle boards, wooden doors, and furniture. The effect of the buffer pad is to take the pressure and temperature of the cold pressing plate evenly transmitted, which can make the adhesion between the paper veneer and the substrate more uniform and uniform, and then improve the quality of the decorative panel. In the carpenter cold press working combination, the buffer pad is clamped between the cold plate and the template. When installing the carpenter cold press buffer pad, it should be placed on the carpenter cold press flatly and evenly, from top to bottom. Install the cushion in the center of the carpenter cold press heat conduction plate and stainless steel template.

First, do not fix it to avoid bringing debris into the pavement. Clean the exterior of the carpenter cold press before it. Do not leave any debris, oil, or other metal objects. Pre-cold press for 30 minutes according to the requirements of the operation, which will heat up to 60- 80 degrees Celsius, and pressurized to make the pressure plate into a slender closed situation.

In the process of fixing the carpenter's cold press, only four corners in the length direction need to be fixed, and it is better not to fix the width direction, and then the surroundings are fixed at equal distances before being put into use. After pressing more than 200-300 sheets, the cushion will shrink slightly after being heated. It is necessary to adjust the tension of the cushion from the beginning after stopping. After re-sticking more than 200-300 sheets, adjust again.

In the process of application, one cushion cannot be used in conjunction with the use of multiple templates to form the bending of the cushion when changing the template, which affects the life of the cushion. And some manufacturers have begun to implement a stainless steel formwork with a cushion, and change the steel plate together so that the cushion can be taken. Avoid the continuous operation of the steel cushion under the high temperature of 180-220 degrees Celsius, which naturally increases the life.

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