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What is the difference between plywood saw blades and solid wood saw blades?

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The difference between the plywood saw blade and the solid wood saw blade is mainly in the shape of the tapping with the wire.

1. The tooth shape of the solid wood saw blade is generally the left and right teeth, also known as alternating teeth. This has the advantage of high efficiency sawing and is not easy to burn, and it is not easy to be sucked by the wood. However, plate saw blades, such as melamine plates, use flat teeth.

2, plywood saw blade, the tooth shape is generally flat teeth, also known as high and low teeth or large and small teeth. The characteristic is that it is not easy to cut the cutter teeth, crack teeth, and precise sawing. The special saw blade for the door and window curtain wall is mainly for the sawing of the door and window processing. It has the characteristics of high precision, small amplitude, smooth and light, and can cut off the right angle and the chamfer.

3. Processing and cutting of coated parts. Depending on the processing technology, two types of flat teeth and flat teeth are often used. This type of saw blade is especially good for slice sawing. Its small amplitude design is especially suitable for the hollow structure of door and window products, and the woodworking saw blade is suitable for different profiles. The radiator product is slotted and used for grooving.

4, determined by the processing machinery, can be used for single-piece, multi-piece combination of equipment, and has the advantages of small shock, smooth sawing, accurate chamfer size. Long service life, high production efficiency, smooth cutting surface, high production efficiency and long service life.

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