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Difference Between Hardwood and Softwood

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Hardwood refers to wood that is finely textured and hard. Often used in the manufacture of noble wood. Hardwoods are mostly taken from deciduous fine-leafed forest trees, including oak, mahogany, birch, red oak, hard maple, chia, beech, boxwood, etc. Usually more expensive, but the quality is relatively better than cork, and its color and texture vary widely.

Softwood (softwood), that is, pointer-leaf wood, wood produced by trees of the conifer phylum, including pine, spruce, cedar, fir, larch, Douglas fir, hemlock, cypress, California redwood and yew. As the name suggests, because its texture is relatively soft compared to hardwood, it is also called softwood to distinguish it from hardwood, which is also called hardwood, but not all hardwood is harder than softwood, such as yew, which is a kind of Longleaf pine, however, is harder than most hardwoods, while balsa, which is a hardwood, is very soft.

After understanding what is cork and what is hardwood, we also need to understand the difference between cork and hardwood in order to better choose the furniture that suits us. Although cork is soft, it can still be made into the furniture we need in our lives, so how to divide cork and hardwood from the perspective of furniture?

1. Structure

The biggest difference between cork and hardwood is reflected in the internal structure of the two woods. Generally, cork is composed of many flat cells, and the cells are filled with air so that the growing cork is very soft. This is what makes softwoods fill the interior with beautiful colors; hardwoods are very hard and compact compared to softwoods, and as the tree grows over time, the tree will leave a beautiful pattern annual rings.

2. Hardwood is not hard, softwood is not soft

Although hardwood is very hard, it does not mean that all hardwoods are very hard. The hardness of hardwoods varies greatly, and some hardwoods are even softer than softwoods. For example, balsa wood is softer than softwood; And cork is not what we imagined to be "breakable", and many corks can still be made into the seats we need in our daily lives.

3. Price

Compared with hardwood and softwood, the price of hardwood is higher. Since many hardwoods are mostly precious tree species, and the tree species are relatively rare and are excellent materials for making furniture, its market price is relatively high. Plant species are more common, and sales prices are correspondingly lower.

4. Beautiful and practical

The hardwood floor is hard and beautiful, and the furniture made is more fine, durable and practical, while the softwood furniture is soft, and its durability is relatively lacking in hardwood.

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