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Deformation reasons and solutions of hot press plate

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As we all know, a person can be tired after working for a long time, and a machine will inevitably have such or other problems when using it for a long time, and then we need to find the cause of the problem, so as to solve it and make it better Land continues to work for us.

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of hot presses, it is not only professional in producing hot presses, but also the efficiency in solving problems. Today we mainly talk about the cause of the deformation of the hot press plate and the solution

Reasons for deformation: 

1. The heating is uneven, and deformation is more likely to occur when the machine is started in the cold state.

2. Heating with steam. When the steam management in the hot platen is not smooth or blocked, it will cause uneven heating, which will cause different parts of the hot platen to heat up at different speeds and cause deformation. 3. In the production process, there may be cases of missing slabs, unqualified slabs, etc., so that all the pressure is concentrated on the thickness gauge, which will also cause deformation.


1. The most traditional solution: planing hot press. However, this will stop the machine for 1-3 days, and reduce the thickness of the hot platen, thereby directly reducing the strength and rigidity of the hot platen.

2. Modern solution: mechanical correction. Deformation is eliminated based on the principle of the hot platen part under the action of correcting external forces.

3. Advanced solution: flame correction. An acetylene flame is used to heat the deformed part of the hot platen.

The specific solution to be used depends on the actual situation of each plant.

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