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Daily maintenance of the boiler

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First, cleaning and maintenance measures

1.First open the burner door, remove the rear outer panel, and unscrew the screws on the rear side of the boiler.

2.Clean the gas pipeline with a wire brush.

3.Clean the combustion chamber with a soft brush.

4.Remove the residue from the boiler, screw on the cleaning port, close the burner door, and check that the seal is complete.

5.If the boiler is installed in an area where the temperature is below 0 °C, the following protective measures must be taken: If the boiler room is outdoors, reduce the indoor temperature to 15 °C or 18 °C to allow the boiler to run all day. If there is no one in the room for a long time, the water in the boiler should be drained.

Second, cathodic protection

The components of the boiler are made of different materials (such as cast iron, copper, aluminum, etc.). In order to prevent electrochemical corrosion, cathodic protection measures must be taken.

Third, the boiler sewage treatment.

The bottom of the gas boiler can prevent the condensation of smoke. Flue gas condensation is caused by moisture in the flue gas (diesel or natural gas) and the temperature of the flue gas is too low. Some of this moisture is removed from the chimney, some is absorbed by the chimney wall, and the rest is deposited at the bottom of the chimney.

The amount of water produced is affected by the following factors: the flue gas temperature (efficiency of 91%, flue gas temperature of 170 ° C), the total surface area of the chimney, the material of the chimney and the insulation of the chimney.

Fourth, the maintenance of the burner.

Maintenance of gas boilers and burners is best carried out after steam supply. Because the products of combustion corrode the boiler and clean up the carbon deposits, the combustion products must not be left in the boiler for too long.

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