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Comparison of two heating methods for melamine veneer hot press?

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Melamine veneer panels are rapidly expanding into office and civil furniture, vehicle manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, interior decoration and other materials industries due to their advantages in production, low energy consumption, low process, low cost, etc., and they have occupied a considerable market. Share. The production of such a veneer requires the use of a melamine veneer hot press. The melamine hot press mainly heats the hot plate by steam heating and heat transfer oil heating. Let's take a look at it:

       Heat transfer oil heating: high heat temperature: uniform temperature: low loss under normal conditions: can produce low cost: not easy to control temperature.

       Steam heating: need to configure the pressure boiler to heat up quickly: but the pipeline pressure is large, the steam is easy to produce water after being cold, which will cause the platen temperature to be uneven.

       The above is the comparison of the heating methods of these two hot presses, I hope to help you.

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