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Comparison of common heating performance of melamine plate hot press?

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The electric heating heat conduction oil furnace system transfers heat in a continuous forced liquid phase circulation mode, the heat energy can be recycled, and there is no dripping phenomenon, the heat energy loss is effectively avoided, the energy saving effect is remarkable, the heat efficiency is high, and the comprehensive utilization rate of heat energy is about 95%. Under the same heating capacity and operating conditions, the energy saving system is 45% more energy efficient than the steam heating system. In the case of difficult recovery and utilization of condensed water, the comprehensive energy saving effect can be as high as 65%!


In terms of temperature control, the user can achieve precise temperature control of the electrically heated heat transfer oil furnace through independent temperature control. At present, many manufacturers use mature electric heating and heat transfer oil furnaces when using melamine veneer hot press to realize automatic and precise control of hot pressing temperature.


The electric heating and heat-conducting oil furnace has been widely used in medium-density fiberboard hot presses, particleboard hot presses, low-pressure short-cycle veneer hot presses, shaving-molded products, hot presses and the like. For low-pressure short-cycle veneers, heat-conducting oil is almost the only ideal heating medium for hot presses; in medium-density fiberboard production, heat-conducting oil has gradually replaced hot water and saturated steam.


In addition, the heat transfer oil will be affected by factors such as pollution, oxidation, thermal degradation, etc., and its performance will change. When the performance of the heat transfer oil cannot continue to meet the requirements for the use or safety of the electric heating heat transfer oil furnace system, the system must be replaced. Heat transfer oil. In order to reduce the impact of system residues on the performance of the new heat transfer oil, it can be cleaned with a cleaning solvent after the heat transfer oil system drains the old oil.


The heating method affects the temperature control of the hot press, the process control, and the quality of the processed product. Therefore, the choice of heating medium for hot press is more important, considering the actual situation, process requirements and sustainability development.

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