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Common problems and treatment of ecological board hot press

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In today's society, people have become more and more familiar with the eco-board hot press. It has been widely used in production and scientific research and is closely related to our lives. For example, we often see plywood that we often see every day. Its production cannot be separated from it. Hot Press. However, in the production process of plywood, some problems are often encountered, which is a headache. Below, we will talk about how to deal with these problems.

FAQ 1-Degumming of plywood. The reasons for this situation are generally: uneven coating or insufficient glue; too low or short hot pressing temperature; too much moisture in the veneer; too long the aging time causes the glue to dry. Corresponding treatment methods: pay attention to the glue, apply the appropriate amount, apply evenly; increase the hot pressing temperature and extend the hot pressing time; strictly control the moisture content of the veneer; control the aging time.

FAQ 2-Plywood bubbling. There are three reasons for this problem: the temperature of the hot pressing is too high or the speed is too fast when the pressure is reduced; the veneer has a large water content or the drying process is not uniform; the degree of resin condensation is not enough. Solution: The second stage of the decompression process should be slower and reduce the hot pressing temperature; the moisture content of the veneer is generally between 8% and 12%, and it must be strictly controlled; the resin quality must be checked when selecting the resin, Use the resin that meets the requirements.

FAQ 3-Plywood thickness is outside the allowable difference range. The cause of the problem: the pressure plate or plunger is tilted; the amount of hot pressing in each interval is too large; the plywood slab thickness is calculated incorrectly. Treatment scheme: adjust the machine to the level before work; adopt a one-press technology process; calculate and adjust the slab thickness.

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