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Common heating method for melamine plate hot press?

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Melamine veneer panels are rapidly expanding into office and civil furniture, vehicle manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, interior decoration and other materials industries due to their advantages in production, low energy consumption, low process, low cost, etc., and they have occupied a considerable market. Share. The production of such a veneer requires the use of a melamine veneer hot press. The melamine hot press mainly heats the hot plate by steam heating and heat transfer oil heating. Let us compare it together.

 Steam heating: The traditional indirect heat transfer method uses steam (water) as the heat transfer medium. It needs to be equipped with a pressure boiler. The steam heating is fast, the system piping pressure is high, and the operation requirements for high pressure conditions are high, and the heating system is required. Management and maintenance are more complicated. Due to the large heat loss during transmission, the thermal efficiency of the system is generally 50% to 60%. In terms of temperature control, temperature control is not easy.

 The user needs to select the steam boiler according to the process requirements, such as the requirement that the steam temperature be above 200 °C. At this time, a saturated steam boiler with a steam pressure of 16 bar or 25 bar must be used, and the system piping pressure is large. For the operation and management of the steam system, it will start, stop, feed water quality, condensate recovery, condensate pollution and pipeline blockage, steam trap failure, equipment and pipeline corrosion, system leakage, winter pipeline antifreeze, furnace water There are problems or troubles in chemical treatment and high operating pressure.

 Heat transfer oil heating: The heat transfer oil furnace used for heat transfer oil heating is a closed loop heating system. It can quickly obtain higher temperature under normal pressure, and the heat loss is small, and the safety and reliability are greatly improved. The heat transfer oil furnace system is easy to operate. For example, the operation control of the electric heating heat transfer oil furnace has achieved mature automatic heating control and precise temperature adjustment. It only needs to control the start and stop of the pump, and the heat transfer process in the system only needs to pass. The relevant automatic regulating valve can control the flow or temperature of the heat transfer oil.

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