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Cold press installation and commissioning

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(1), the placement of the machine tool

Place the machine on a flat, hard floor and modulate the machine to a horizontal position.

(2), distribution

According to the power distribution requirements attached to the electrical cabinet, the voltage, current and frequency related power supplies are connected to the machine power supply lead.

(3) Confirm the correct steering of the cylinder motor

Press the power start button on the panel first, then press the plate down to press the button, such as the pressure plate down

(If the cylinder cylinder has been lowered, the cylinder is rising), then the cylinder motor is turning correctly. Otherwise, it should be

Correct steering can be achieved by aligning any two of the three-phase power lines.

(4), cylinder cylinder reset

If the cylinder cylinder has been lowered before transportation, reset the cylinder cylinder after the power supply is completed.

And fastened:

A: First remove the wooden strips and packaging used to fix the two cylinders.

B: Turn on the power.

C: Press the down button again, the cylinder cylinder will rise automatically, if the cylinder does not move

Is the power phase is wrong, the motor is reversed, when the cylinder flange rises to the top plate

When it is about 3mm, press the stop button again to stop the cylinder from rising, then

Fix the flanges and install the bolts one by one and fasten them.

(5), set the holding time

The length of the holding time can be set according to actual needs:

A: First select the time mode: "hour h, minute M, second S".

B: Then set the four “0 to 9” number keys as required:

If the selected time mode is “hour h”, the value set by the four number keys is: “9999”,

Then the actual dwell time is "99.99" hours, as the value set by the four number keys.

"0003", the actual holding time is "0.03 hours", such as four number keys.

The set value is: "0905", the holding time is "9.05 hours" (if set

When the time mode is "minute M" or "second S", the "hour" after the value is also changed to

"Minute" or "Second".

C: The maximum time value can be set to "99.99 hours".

D: After the pressure keeping timer is completed, the buzzer will sound, indicating that the workpiece has been pressurized.

E: It is forbidden to set the time to "0000".

(6), correctly placed the workpiece

Before pressing the workpiece, you must choose the correct placement according to the actual size and height of the workpiece.

Position, it is strictly prohibited to press the workpiece left and right, front and rear hem, left and right and front and rear uneven.


Before actually making the machine, a detailed and comprehensive inspection is required to ensure safe operation:

(1) Check whether the safety protection devices are correct, firm and reliable.

(2) Check the machine tool drive and whether the connecting parts are tight.

(3) Check if the hydraulic system pressure is normal.

(4) Is the oil pump steering correct?

(5) Check whether the lifting action is flexible and reliable.

(6) Finally, operate the empty machine once to see if the entire program is correct.

Place the workpiece in the correct way -------→Set the pressure according to the workpiece area

-------→Adjust time relay "B" to set the dwell time -------→Press the press button "E"

-------→ After the workpiece is pressed and the set pressure is reached, the pressure-holding relay starts timing.

After the timing is completed, the pressure plate will automatically rise.

-------→Remove the pressurized workpiece, and the work is completed.

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