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Characteristics of electric heating steam boiler

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1.Fully automatic intelligent control technology, no need to be on duty. Flexible working mode, can be set to manual or automatic mode.

2.The automatic operation time period of the boiler can be set as required. A plurality of different working hours can be set in one day, so that the boiler can automatically start each heating group in a time-sharing manner, and the heating group can be cycled and cut, so that the contact time and frequency of each contactor are the same. Equipment life.

3.The controller automatically controls, calculates and tracks the pressure, and can automatically start and stop the feed pump and electric heating tube when the load changes, or manually control.

4.With a full range of protection functions, leakage protection, water shortage protection, grounding protection, steam overpressure protection, overcurrent protection, power protection, etc., boiler automatic protection, safe home.

5.The boiler body adopts boiler pressure vessel steel plate. The longitudinal and circumferential welds of the furnace body are automatically welded and X-ray flaw detection, small boiler body and electromechanical integration, easy to install and match; large boiler body and electronic control The split design prevents the electrical control part from being affected by the high temperature of the furnace body and ensures the stable operation of the electronic control device.

6.Use low surface heat load electric heating elements in accordance with JB/2379-93 and "Metal tubular electrical heating element technical conditions". The high-quality electric heating wire jacket is thickened with stainless steel tube, and the tube is filled with high-purity magnesium dioxide powder, and the electric heating tube has a long service life. Each group of electric heating elements is flanged and has the characteristics of simple structure, high mechanical strength, safety and reliability, and convenient replacement.

7.Compact structure, scientific and reasonable design and advanced manufacturing process make the boiler occupy small space, convenient transportation and save the use of the site.

8.No noise, no pollution, high thermal efficiency, the boiler body uses high-quality and efficient insulation materials for insulation, heat dissipation loss, energy saving.

9.The outer packaging of the boiler is designed with famous color plate wrapping, which is beautiful in appearance and not easy to rust.

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