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Causes of deformation of the hot press

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Everyone knows that during the working process of the hot press, due to the dual effects of temperature and pressure, cracks, pits, and deformations will appear. This will directly cause the pressed wool board to become partially soft and have a large thickness deviation. The problem has caused serious degradation of product quality, so it is very important to solve the deformation problem of the hot press. To solve the problem, we must understand the reason. Our company is a professional hot press manufacturer. The following explains why the hot press opportunity Deformation?

The first reason may be caused by uneven heating. If the temperature rises too fast during the preheating of the hot press, when it is cold, the preheating at startup is more likely to deform. The second reason is that when steam is used for heating, sometimes the steam pipe of the hot platen is blocked and the heating will not be uniform. Once the temperature rise speed of each part of the hot platen is not consistent, it will cause hot pressure deformation. The third reason is that if the platen of the hot press is not smooth so that the slab at the rear collides with the front board, it is easy to pile up the fibers at the front of the slab. If it is not found in time, the pressure increase of the hot press will cause the hot press plate to deform and bend.

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