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Building template hot press purchase considerations

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Nowadays, people have become more and more familiar with building formwork hot presses. It has been widely used in production and scientific research, and is closely related to our lives.So what are the precautions for purchasing a building formwork hot press? Let's take a look at it.

1, the brand

Brand is a symbol of product quality and service quality. The performance, life, structural design, work surface, size, operation, etc. of the building formwork hot press are closely related to the brand, so choosing a good brand is very important.

2, cost

As we all know, China's equipment is about 10 times lower than other countries' equipment, which is mainly affected by factors such as labor, transportation, and intellectual property. Although some manufacturers in order to occupy the Chinese woodworking machinery market, they also go to China to run enterprises, relying on cheap labor and loose policies to develop the Chinese market, deducting expensive international freight and reducing some consumption, but the sales price is still better than that produced by Chinese companies. high. The performance of the same kind of products in China is equivalent to foreign products, and the price is easily accepted by users.

3. Pre-sale and after-sales service

In addition, the pre-sales and after-sales service of domestic equipment is very convenient. Users can select equipment according to the production needs, dealers in various regions or directly under the guidance of the production plant. Any technical problems arising during the use of the equipment and the replacement of the accessories are very convenient.

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