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Briefly describe the problems that should be paid attention to when the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cold press works for a long time

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Cold presses are divided into screw cold presses and hydraulic cold presses. During this time, the screw compressor has a turbine, which requires long-term maintenance and is easily damaged. The hydraulic cold press is not easy to leak oil and does not need to be maintained repeatedly, and the operating power is higher. However, we assume that if we want to ensure that the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press can work reliably for a long time, we need to pay attention to some operational problems during the operation.

1. Avoid mixing air into the system and expel the air mixed into the system in time.

Air entering the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press will cause undesirable consequences such as noise and oxidative transformation of the oil. It is necessary to choose methods to avoid the mixing of air, and often discharge the air mixed into the system.

2. We must always adhere to the cleanliness of the oil.

Impurities mixed in the oil will cause the spool to get stuck, block the saving holes or gaps, make the hydraulic components unable to work normally and make the relative moving parts wear more heavily. In addition to selecting an oil filter and various equipment to prevent external impurities from mixing into the system, it is also necessary to clean the oil filter and replace the old oil on time. When the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press is installed, all hydraulic components and pipelines must be cleaned. After the test run, it is better to disassemble the components and pipes, and then install them after careful cleaning.

3. Prevent leakage.

External leakage is not allowed, internal leakage is inevitable, but the amount of leakage cannot exceed the allowable value. Assuming too much leakage, the pressure will not rise, and the hydraulic motor will not reach the expected force (or torque). Moreover, the amount of oil leakage is related to the pressure unevenness, which will make the movement of the working parts unstable. In addition, due to the excessive leakage, the volume loss increases and the oil temperature rises. In order not to cause excessive leakage, there should be an appropriate space between the relatively moving parts and the installation of appropriate sealing equipment.

4. To prevent oil temperature is too high.

The oil temperature of the hydraulic system of a general hydraulic machine is appropriate to adhere to 15-50 ℃. Excessive oil temperature will bring a series of adverse consequences.

An increase in oil temperature will make the oil thinner, increase leakage, and decrease system power. The oil is operated at a higher temperature, and it degenerates briefly. To avoid excessive oil temperature, in addition to planning to select methods to avoid oil heating (such as oil pump unloading and volumetric speed adjustment methods for high-power systems, etc.), it is also necessary to consider whether the fuel tank has satisfactory heat dissipation. When required, cooling equipment can be added.

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