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Brief Introduction of HB Series Hot Press

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The principle of a hot pressing machine:

For that equipment that cannot be soldered with SMT + reflow furnace, it is easy to assume that when soldering with a soldering iron, there are quality problems such as different appearance, unevenness, short circuit of virtual soldering, etc. The pulse hot press is different from the constant temperature soldering iron. The pulse hot press can reach the desired temperature at the moment of power. After the welding is completed, the solder lifts the welding head under the condition of condensation, and the welding head is flat, so the appearance of the welding is flat Defects such as virtual soldering and tin are rare. A lot of manpower is saved, and efficiency and yield are greatly improved.

product features:

quick response. Concentrated heat, especially suitable for welding workpieces with small spacing and fast thermal conductivity

The learning function together set the heating parameters according to the recommendations, you can output a stable temperature to avoid overshoot.

Different from the control of traditional hot press gears, the energy is accurately controlled, and there is double PID control to ensure stable temperature.

It has fault diagnosis and alarm functions such as abnormal temperature disconnection, to avoid burning the workpiece.

The four-stage heating setting, wide-scale setting at any time (0.3-99s), suitable for messy welding process requirements.

15 groups of parameters are stored, which is convenient for various welding varieties.

The large Chinese LCD flashes and various contents are flashed together for convenient operation.

Strong external communication function: welding end, fault, RS-232 data communication port, easy to use for automatic welding.

Application category:

1. Hotpress welding and soldering of flexible circuit boards for LCD PDP and other electronic products;

2. Solder soldering of enameled wires such as HDD coils, capacitors, sensors, etc .;

3. The cable in the communication machine and the soldering of the parallel port;

4. Hot-press combination of resins for small cameras, etc .;

5. Hot-press bonding of the gold wire inside the microwave element;

6. Solder soldering of CMOS, CCD and FPC boards of digital cameras and mobile phones;

7. ACF thermocompression bonding, etc.

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