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Brief analysis on how to do lubricating work for woodworking cold press

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Cold press, that is, cold and dry compressor. Whether it is a complete set of woodworking machinery equipment, a hydraulic cold press, or a carpenter cold press, it is necessary to maintain it for a long time. Then do we know that the daily maintenance work of the carpenter cold press is closely related to the lubrication work? What are the aspects of good lubrication operations? Every part of its solid wood cold press machine needs lubrication. The specific lubrication details are briefly introduced by our hot press manufacturer.

Lubrication of carpenter cold press machine hinges:

The hinge is usually lubricated with 30 # mechanical lubricating oil or 68 # rail oil. Before starting, check whether the oil distributor of the lubricating system is intact and whether the conveying pipelines are unblocked or loose. Whether the lubricating oil level is normal and the lubricating pressure is satisfactory.

The machine can be lubricated a few times manually after a long downtime. The time interval of automatic lubrication is set by a computer program. It can be lubricated once upon startup and will be automatically lubricated according to the number of mold openings in the future. (The number of distances and the duration of each lubrication are set by the program. Machines using a touch screen can be set by the screen.) The operating pressure of the lubrication pump is set to 15 Bar.

In the daily production process, it is often necessary to check whether the lubrication system is intact and confess the lubrication effect. If the lubrication pump is damaged or the lubricating oil pipe falls off, it must be repaired in time. Never start the operation without lubrication.

Lubrication of the middle and tail plates of the carpenter cold press:

The middle and tail plates are usually lubricated with butter or lubricant. When using butter, it is recommended to use lithium-based grease or bi-fluidized molybdenum grease, and refill it once a month. Under the condition of sufficient lubrication, an oil film is formed between the surface of the copper and the movement of the Corinth column to avoid movement. Direct contact between the secondary surfaces and dry friction, and then extend the service life of copper and Golin columns to ensure good motion accuracy. The machine is automatically lubricated when using lubricating oil.

Lubrication of carpenter cold press mold adjustment equipment:

The mold adjustment equipment is lubricated with butter. Fill the butter every 3 months. Before filling the butter, wipe the surface of the movement pair of the mold adjustment nut and the screw and the contact surface between the split gland and the end surface of the nut. The surface of the thread, gland, and sprocket is evenly coated with a layer of butter. Machines with a grease nipple on the gland can be filled with a grease gun. The butter in the gearbox is refilled every six months, and the mold adjustment equipment can reduce the output torque of the mold adjustment motor or the mold adjustment hydraulic motor under good lubrication conditions, so that the mold adjustment movement is stable and the failure rate of the sinking mold is reduced.

Lubrication of sliding feet and steel plate of carpenter cold press:

The sliding feet and the steel plate are lubricated with butter or lubricating oil. Fill the butter once a month. Before filling the butter, remove the middle plate sliding feet and wash them with clean diesel oil. Wipe off the dust on the surface of the steel belt. Debris such as alloy slag, etc., then install the middle plate sliding foot, use a grease gun to fill the oil groove of the middle plate sliding foot with an appropriate amount of butter, and at the same time, apply an appropriate amount of butter film on the steel belt. Automatic lubrication when selecting lubricating oil.

During the operation of the carpenter cold press, each part will have a lot of wear and tear. For some daily use of the carpenter cold press, lubrication is required. Lubrication is not often used. Lubrication is done well, and it can be extended to a relative degree. The service life of the carpenter cold press.

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