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Attention should be paid to these problems when purchasing hot presses

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The hot press manufacturer teaches you what else you need to be careful about when choosing a pulse hot press? The pulse hot press should choose the appropriate parameters when selecting the application, so that it can ensure that it can perform a good job, such as USB cable welding There are also soldering operations between flexible circuit boards and circuit boards.

1. When choosing to use the pulse heat-press, find a regular shopping mall and specialty store to buy, so that its quality will be well guaranteed.

2. When choosing a pulse heat-press, pay attention to the brand of its products, and choose the brand with promise and a good reputation for purchase. Such selection will also be of great help in future protection and maintenance.

3. Choose the type of pulse hot pressing machine, pay attention to its temperature scheduling, and it can also be well applied to the temperature of the welding product. The best choice is that the temperature is numerically controlled and has high precision.

4. Generally, when selecting the pulse hot pressing machine, the vacuum function should be selected, so that the welding alignment points can be well scheduled, and the operation becomes simpler.

5. When selecting the pulse hot press, it is necessary to use a digital press, so that at the time of the welding operation, its pressure plan can be determined.

Warm tips for the use of hot presses

For your personal safety and to ensure the normal operation of the press, please follow the instructions below:

1. In case of emergency, please pull the safety rope in time or take the emergency stop button immediately!

2. Do not put your hand into the press during the closing process!

3. After turning on the power, press the circulating pump button first, and then suggest two sets of heating buttons respectively; close the two sets of heating buttons half an hour before work, close the circulating pump button before stopping, and close the press (do not pressurize, just close Just live), play a thermal insulation role to prevent falling into the dust.

4. The placement of the pressed workpiece should be severe. According to the requirements of the press icon, the surface of the hot plate is covered, remember that the thickness is different, and do not enter the press.

5. Adhere to the cleanliness of the hot plate to prevent the fine particles from staying for a long time, resulting in the uneven appearance of the hot plate.

6. When the press is not in use, make sure that the press is closed after each layer is placed in the liner (the pressure is adjusted to the lowest) to prevent falling into the dust.

7. Change the external power supply. After starting, first, check whether the motor and circulating pumps are rotating forward.

8. Punctually tighten the screws of various parts (electric cabinet screws, heating component screws, fixed hot plate screws), and apply lubricant to the synchronization structure and hot plate guide plate.

9. Strictly replace the thermal oil and hydraulic oil according to the time and method required by the instructions (Great Wall 300 # or 320 # thermal oil, 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil).

10. Time unit: sec seconds, 10s ten seconds; min minutes, 10m ten minutes; hrs hours, 10h ten hours, the screw on the left below the tumble time relay can change the dial value, and the screw on the right below the tumble time relay can change the dial unit.

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