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Analysis of Hot Press and calculation of pressure

Views: 71     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-17      Origin: Site

1. Hot Press Press plate collapse edge, what is the reason?

A: Hot Press plate appears to collapse, mainly because the hardness of the pressure plate is not enough, then it can be re-heat treatment, so as to enhance its hardness, and then the surface of the grinding flat on it.

2. What kind of thermostat does the Pulse hot press use better? A: Pulse Hot Press, its thermostat sensor probe, the use of temperature line is relatively good, and then cooperate with the use of IC595 and 654 that would be better.

Because the sensing temperature line detection accuracy is high, and the reaction is relatively fast, therefore is good.

3. How to calculate the pressure of hot press? A: The pressure calculation of the hot press, the first is to guide its hot-pressing specifications, and then the hot-pressing head width multiplied by the FPC length, you can get specific pressure values. In addition, if the resulting pressure is divided by the size of the cylinder, then the setting pressure of the cylinder can be obtained.

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