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What are the advantages of single layer compared to multi-layer hot presses?

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First, efficiency comparison

The single-layer hot press control operation is simple, the operator only needs to pay attention to a slab; if a slab is not properly operated, it will inevitably affect the work cycle or produce waste products. Coupled with the automatic detection and perfection of Jiandong single-layer hot press, it can easily meet the automatic production under unmanned control;

The hot press has a low failure rate, no long device life, and low maintenance cost;

The products produced by the single-layer hot press are large-format specifications, which can be cut into non-standard sizes and different specifications according to the needs of users, to meet the needs of users; and the multi-lamination machine has a single specification;

The slab of the single-layer hot press is laid on the metal mesh belt, the transportation distance is short, and the pre-press is not used, and the slab and the mesh belt directly enter the hot press, and the symmetry of the thickness of the paved slab is not easily broken. The finished plate is invariant; while the multi-lamination machine has a long transport distance, it is necessary to switch a plurality of transport machines and perform hot press machine loading, etc., the slab multi-layer is twisted and pulled, and the slab thickness symmetry is easy. Causes the finished board to warp and deform due to poor thickness symmetry;

Because the single-layer hot press has a large format, it has a large area, but because it does not require a pre-press and some transporters and loaders, the length of the entire paving is relatively small.

Second, the fine height comparison

Single-layer hot press pressed plywood, particle board thickness tolerance is fine height, plate density distribution is uniform; and multi-layer hot press is unbiased in the hot platen due to thickness, and the thickness of the in-and-out plate is easy to bond during the working process. Wood chips, affecting the thickness tolerance of the board, the density distribution of the finished board after uneven sanding by the sander is uneven. In addition, the thickness gauge on the hot press plate of the multi-layer laminating machine is subjected to a large pressure at the end of the forming of the plate, especially in the case where the thickness of the paved slab is uneven, the force is greater, and the hot plate is deformed, and the pressed product is pressed. It is also deformed and shaped into an arc shape. If the thickness tolerance of the finished board is to be ensured, the amount of sanding is also increased. In addition, the plain board which is uneven in the density of the finished board is subjected to secondary veneer processing, which may cause internal stress in the board. Eventually, peeling occurs. Therefore, the product quality of multi-laminating machines is generally lower than that of Jiandong single-layer hot press products, and the price reduction is only about half or two-thirds of the sales price of single-layer hot press products. The sales price of the single-layer hot press is close to the sales price of the medium-density fiberboard products of the same thickness;

Third, environmental protection and energy saving comparison

The edge loss of the multi-layer hot press is larger than that of the single-layer hot press, and the material utilization rate is low. Because each multi-layer hot press machine needs to cut four sides, and the single-layer hot press only cuts the whole large and four sides, generally with the output of 50,000 cubic meters per year, the trimming loss of the multi-layer laminator is 3.5 times the single layer hot press;

The multi-layer hot press has a large opening, a long closing time and a long auxiliary time, the board is broken in the middle of the hot plate, the pre-cured layer is thick, and the sanding amount is large; and the Jiandong single-layer hot press has a small opening. The auxiliary time is short, the pre-cured layer is thin, and the amount of sanding is small. In terms of 16 mm thickness, the amount of sanding is only one third of that of a multi-layer laminator.

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