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Adjustment of parallelism of four-column hydraulic press and how to achieve high speed

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The four-column hydraulic press is a website product and keyword, so it needs a comprehensive understanding and understanding, because only in this way can the four-column hydraulic press be used properly and reasonably, and at the same time, the product has good performance. And use the effect, instead of wasting every learning opportunity in vain, so that you lose the gain.

1. How to adjust the parallelism of the four-column hydraulic press?

Wanting to adjust the parallelism of the four-column hydraulic press, in the opinion of professionals in this area, is not complicated and difficult, and only after mastering the relevant professional knowledge, this work can be successfully completed. And what we need to know is that when adjusting the parallelism of the hydraulic machine, the slider cannot slide down and the mold is removed and placed on a pressure-resistant pier, because there is a certain pressure during the adjustment process to ensure the smooth progress of this work.

2. How to achieve high speed with a four-column hydraulic press? Is there a hydraulic machine with two beams and four columns?

The realization of the high speed of the four-column hydraulic press, from a professional point of view, is achieved by using the weight of the slider and the filling valve to supplement the upper chamber oil. However, there is no two-beam, four-column hydraulic machine, but only a three-beam, four-column hydraulic machine. Therefore, everyone should have a correct understanding of this point and cannot go wrong.

3. What is the weight of the three-beam four-column hydraulic machine?

The weight of the three-beam and four-column hydraulic machine is specifically related to the tonnage, stroke, opening or closing height of the hydraulic machine, table area, slider speed, and master cylinder layout. These parameters should be determined after, And then calculate the weight of the hydraulic machine. In addition, if there is a comparable and comparable weight estimate, otherwise, it is necessary to estimate the weight during the design process.

4. Can the working cylinder and ejector cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press work at the same time?

The oil cylinders in the four-column hydraulic machine are divided into working oil cylinders and ejection oil cylinders. Whether these two oil cylinders can work at the same time can be seen from the oil circuit. As long as attention is paid to this aspect, it is also well solved in the circuit. However, from the machine design point of view, it is not recommended that the two cylinders work at the same time, because there may be problems such as mutual jacking, which affects the normal operation of the hydraulic machine.

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