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1600Tons 1 opening Laminating hot press machine with conveyor loading system

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The short period of 1600T veneer hot press is suitable to press the frame-board furniture of surface floral decorations, such as melamine density board, particle board, etc. The line of veneer machine is including the taking plates, spreading  melamine papers, feeding boards, pressing, discharging plates, conveying boards, scraping side, packing, stacking boards. Main production process is controlled by single person and the part of high-intensity and high-danger action is finished automatically.

The set of automatic production line adopts the intelligent control system and humanized human-computer interface, which can set the parameters of temperature, pressure, time conveniently and so on. Therefore, this production line are adapted to different types of lamination production.

What’s more, the machine is equipped with the fault detection system and alarm system which can avoid disoperation effectively and can eliminate all kinds of failures in time to improve production efficiency.

The press machine is made of high-quality steel and the heating system adopts the thermal conductive principal and equips for the multi-point temperature detection, which is able to optimize hot plate thermal conductivity, improve the heating efficiency and save power.

Automatic device of discharging plate, combined with the pneumatic and electric, can be taken the finished board quickly from the press machine. There is no doubt that the process is efficient, rapid and stable.

Automatic scraping. After positioning the board (paper) and adopting the reasonable space mechanical angel, the finished board is trimmed well. Also, it has equipped with a cleaning device which makes the best of  physical methods to clean the board, collects the waste automatically and improves workshop dust-free environment.

Laminated device adopts the linear guide. What’s more, one of the devices can get the position to grab and laminate the finished board .It makes the error within the scope of the millimeter.

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