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Importance of Spindleless Veneer Lathe Production Line

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Spindleless veneer lathes are divided into two types: spindle type and shaftless type. Shaftless type can process wood carefully with minimum waste and maximum output. The spindleless veneer lathe production line is a modern manufacturing process. The general method of rotary cutting is: the left and right clamping shafts clamp both ends of the wood section and drive it to rotate. The rotary knife blade installed on the tool bed is parallel to the axis of the clamping shaft. And feed along its vertical direction, along the direction of the annual rings of the wood section. Rotate out veneers of equal thickness.

The 16m and 13m veneer lathes developed and produced by Xinhuacheng have relatively reasonable structures, good rigidity and high strength. Making it an ideal manufacturing solution for producing thin wood veneers.

Our veneer peeling machine accomplishes the purpose of peeling by rotating the wood and intelligent linear feed of the knife table. During the peeling process, the single and double rollers rotate continuously. As the diameter of the wood and wood decreases, the knife table advances. The feed amount is fed back to the frequency converter through the displacement sensor, and the frequency converter outputs the corresponding frequency, and the motor speeds up, further accelerating the screw speed, causing the tool sleeve to advance rapidly to complete the final cutting.

Veneer lathes structure

1. Spindleless design

The axes are all double-carded, so there is no need to change cards. The machine head can rotary cut large-diameter logs; its design ensures that the production line can run at high speed without loss of accuracy. This design also reduces the chance of damaging the wood, as no central spindle is required for the production of veneer slices.

2. High performance cutting system

The cutting systems in veneer lathe lines are designed to produce thin, high-quality veneers with minimal waste. This system rotary cuts veneers in a variety of thicknesses, easily achieving operations of different specifications of plate thicknesses. Two plate thickness specifications can be preselected and converted into automatic control;.

3. Automatic loading and stacking

The production line is equipped with an automatic feeding and stacking system to ensure that the produced veneers are stacked neatly and orderly. The system helps minimize waste and increase production efficiency, as the veneers are automatically fed into the cutting system and stacked after production.

4. Advanced control system

The production line uses programmable controllers that are reliable and can easily monitor the manufacturing process. Operators can use the control system to adjust cutting speed, feed rate and other parameters to optimize production efficiency and quality. There are many types and specifications of veneer lathe machines. Classified by the power source of the clamping shaft, the length of the rotating log, the diameter of the rotating log, etc.

Xinhuacheng specializes in the production of different types of veneer lathes. In addition to the existing molded products, we can also produce customized products according to customers' drawings. We strictly control product quality at every step of the manufacturing process. For more product information, click to contact us!

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