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Importance of Log Peeling Machines in The Production of Wood

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Log peeling machines are divided into rotary cutters with clamps and rotary cutters without clamps. It is one of the main equipment for producing plywood. With the advancement of science and technology, digital servo control technology has also been applied to the production of log peeling machines. The emergence of this equipment not only improves the quality and precision of veneer production, but also greatly improves production efficiency and the automation of the entire machine. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the process of peeling raw wood and how the wood is processed into furniture.

How Is Wood Made Into Furniture?

Furniture Manufacturing Process: From Log to Timber

Good furniture panels not only require high-quality raw materials, but also require efficient processing. Sawmills first cut the logs into what are called logs, which are graded in three main ways: species, length and thickness. The manufacturing process involves the wood arriving at the factory which involves cutting, shaping, sanding and finishing into a thin veneer.

Step 1: Choose Wood

The first step in making furniture is choosing the right wood. Woodworkers typically choose wood that is strong, durable, and visually appealing. Common types of wood used for furniture include oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, and walnut. Once you've chosen your wood, it's time to prepare for the next step.

Step 2: Drying process

In order to reduce the moisture content of wood veneers, natural drying or a dryer is usually used to bring the moisture content of the wood up to standard. The dried veneers are spliced and pressed into rough boards.

Step 3: Rough Cutting and Milling

The next step is to rough cut and mill the wood. This is where the wood is cut, planed and glued. This is also the stage where the wood will be processed into panels for making furniture. When a business is able to manage the entire process from raw materials to finished product, it is possible to fully control the quality of the product. The rough-cut workpiece is then fed into a milling machine, which smoothes the rough edges in preparation for the next step.

Step 4: Sand the Wood

Once the wood is shaped, it's time to sand it. Sanding is a critical step in the woodworking process because it helps smooth out any rough edges or imperfections left by the shaping tools. Woodworking typically starts with coarse sandpaper and works up to finer grits to achieve a smooth, polished surface ready for finishing.

Step 5: Apply Finish

The last step in making furniture is to apply the finish. This is where the wood is coated with a protective coating that enhances its appearance and durability. After applying the topcoat, wait until the furniture is completely dry before use.

Log Peeling Machines

What is a Log Peeling Machines?

The Log Peeling Machines are used in the lumber and wood products industry to prepare logs for processing into lumber, veneer and other products. This equipment is often used for batch peeling of common tree species such as banyan, poplar, and birch. It uses a rotating blade for bark stripping, the process of removing bark from the trunk before sawing and milling. This process is essential to ensure that the wood is of high quality, uniform in size and free of defects.

There are several benefits to using a log debarker. First, it increases the value of the wood by removing defects in the bark. Second, it makes the wood easier to handle and transport. Third, it reduces the labor costs associated with manual peeling methods.

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